Famous Hockey Broadcaster Quotes

Famous Hockey Broadcaster Quotes

Darren Pang's Freudian slip on TSN:

Canucks broadcaster Tom Larscheid:
“Bingo, bango, bongo, his name is Roberto Luongo!

"Kirk McLean is so fundamentally sound. Look at how erect he is in the net."

"What are you...some kind of goof?"

"I just came from the Canucks dressing room and Pavel's groin has never felt better."

"Bure is such a great talent, if only he could play with himself out there, it will really give the fans a show"

"Bure goes around him like a drugstore Indian!"

At the following game:

"I would like take this opportunity to extend a sincere apology for offensive comments I made in the last broadcast..."

Don Taylor - SportsNet Broadcaster

"He bulges the twine!'

"He ripples the mesh"

“Top Shelf! Where Mom keeps the peanut butter”

"...gathering speed ... skating gingerly ... enormous save!"

"Chris Kunitz ... now there's a name I don't want to mispronounce!"

"The flightless birds" - the Pittsburgh Penguins
"The Cloven-Hoofed Ones" the New Jersey Devils
"The Muscular Fowl of Anaheim" - the Anaheim Ducks

Don Taylor's Bio from SportsNet:
"I'm a frustrated athlete-turned sportscaster. Loved hockey, loved lacrosse, loved football … pathetic at all of 'em. This did not go over well in a family of six kids that included three older brothers, all of whom were of the "how can you be so smart and so good at sports too?" type. I was outcast. As a result, I went into a shell. Literally. At the age of seven, I found a large clam shell on a Stanley Park beach and lived inside of it for several months. To this day, the combination of lemon juice and butter makes me nervous."

"Goalies are three sandwiches shy of a picnic"
Jim Taylor - Hockey Writer

"Playoff hockey is not exactly hockey. It is hockey's older, snarling brother who just got out of prison."
John Keating of Fox Sports Detroit.

"That's good news for the Maple Leafs, who will have somewhere to watch the playoffs."
The Spectator, after hearing that a new 30-foot-by-50-foot HD video screen was being erected on the exterior of the Air Canada Centre.


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