Alexander Ovechkin Quotes

Quotes from Alex Ovechlin

Reporter:  "So who do you like to watch on the highlights?"
Ovechkin: "Me"

"My weapon isn't my shot. It's me."

"Today was a special day. I broke my nose, have stitches (and) score four goals. Everything (went) to my face."

"I'm okay. Russian machine never breaks."

"For me, it doesn't matter where I play. If coach says I must play goalie, I will play goalie."

"If people compare me to Michael Jordan, I'm glad."

"If coach says I must play goalie, I play goalie"

"I wear tinted visor not to trick other players, but so hot girls in stands don't see me looking at them"

On Crosby:
“What can I say about Crosby?” he said. “He is a good player, but he talks too much. I play hard and if he wants to hit me, he can hit me, not talk to you guys about who plays cheap and who plays dirty. That’s my game… If he doesn’t like it, it’s his problem.”

“What, I can’t play hard against him? What is he going to do, cry?”

Cute, young reporter: "Which one is better? NHL or Superleague?"
Ovechkin: "NHL, because after practice, pretty girl come to me. I give interview. I feel good." [wink] [smile]

Quotes on OV from Players and Coaches

"He's one of those guys that comes down on you one on one and you're actually a little bit scared."
John-Michael Liles, Avalanche defenseman

"I've got to tell you, I love the kid. He's the only guy I've ever coached against who scored a goal and blew me a kiss."  Wayne Gretzky

"He's the kind of player that is worth the price of admission."
Jay Feaster, Senior VP/GM, Tampa Bay Lightning

"Ovechkin has the total package."
Barry Trotz, Predators coach

"Oh my goodness. Absolutely destroyed, by Alexander Ovechkin."
Joe Beninati, Capitals announcer

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